Thursday, May 30, 2013

Darryl Carter 

Darryl Carter, former attorney turned designer is a local DC designer who is known for his signature serene, elegant, and classic interiors. 
"Though he dreamed of studying design, he graduated from Georgetown law school-working from inherent good taste rather than formal training, has achieved something quite rare in the world of interior decorating-a signature look. 

The look pairs extravagant with affordable, perfect with imperfect. Polished surfaces play against pitted wooden artifacts. Antiques converse with bold modern art. Creamy white walls rise above coffee-dark floors. Deliberate Symmetry is jolted by a bit of appealing disarray." 

Below are some of my favorites from homes he has designed. He gives such a crisp, masculine edge to his look. He also designs some of his own lighting and furniture. He searches through antique stores and flea markets to find old lanterns, vases and pieces to turn into lamps. Some pieces are given an acid bath which gives it a weathered look. He had his own Darryl Carter furniture line with Thomasville but they are sadly no longer in production.  

One of the pieces from his Thomasville Darryl Carter Line

Darryl Carter has written two books that I definitely recommend purchasing. In his first book, The New Traditional, he lays out the principles of his widely recognized and beloved design aesthetic, which balances individual comfort with a subtle color palette to achieve serene and timeless style. Now, Darryl explores the essence of what brings a home to life, from textures to multipurpose furniture to unexpected objects.

 In his second book, The Collected Home, Darryl provides hands- on advice for approaching home design, such as defining short-and long-term goals, from selecting an antique door knocker to planning the architectural elements of an addition.

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