Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some Advice from Interior Designer:
 Summer Thornton

Do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t
Reference the past, don’t repeat it
Use patterns and colors recklessly!
Insist on natural fabrics
Colors don’t clash
Never say never
More is more
Always say no to faux
Every home should have at least 1 thing from a flea market
Traditional designs need-not be boring
God’s neutral is green
Fresh flowers are a room’s best accessory
No great room was ever designed without taking a risk

If your neighbors are doing it, you probably shouldn’t

I especially agree with Summer on her advice that fresh flowers are a room's best accessory.

 Fairhaven Finds at Etsy

High Street Market

 High Street Market
Rue Magazine- Kelly Wearstler Brass Crossed Legs!
Books and Turtle Shell

White Foo Dogs at One Kings Lane

Coral and Dior

Mint Julep Vase
 Brass Vanity Tray
 White Honeycomb Vase

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