Monday, May 20, 2013

Sum Sum Summmaa time!!!! 

Some good beach reads I just bought, "The Newlyweds" and "Beautiful Ruins"
Also if you have not tried it I recommend going to your local beer store and buying a pack of Strawberry Abita! It is crisp, not too sweet and so refreshing! 

I am so happy summer is finally here!!! As we approach Memorial Day Weekend I am starting to get anxious sitting in my cubicle. All I want to do is be outside and find any excuse I can to take a walk or "run an errand".

Once the weather warms up and my mood vastly improves I find myself leaning towards bolder more colorful fabrics, prints and home decor. Here are some pieces of art that I have been loving!

Samantha French- Three Feet Under 

Yolanda Sanchez

Belinda Marshall

Coney Island Beach Print- Available Here 

Kristy Gammill

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