Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I finally made it to the Union Market that everyone has been talking about over the last year and I cannot wait to go back. The building used to be home to a massive food venue back in the 1800's and true to its roots, is now home to a variety of artisan food companies and eateries.  I went last week which was a pleasant escape from the rain and upon entering I felt as if I had teleported to San Francisco. I love all of the different vendors from the fresh fruit and veggies, to the creamery, to the Oysters, but my favorite place in the market was the home goods store, Salt & Sundry, which offers an array of tableware and foodie gifts. 

Casey found her favorite spot in the store!

Really good Milkshakes! 

 I want to go back on the weekend sometime and get breakfast at Buffalo & Bergen, whose small menu comprised of homemade bagels (made with NYC Water!), egg cream sodas, syrup sodas, craft beers, and other fund drinks. I think I will order the homemade french toast bagel when I do!

I love the lights throughout the whole market, especially the chandelier made out of recycled water bottles that you can see below...I am obsessed! Once I looked closer I realized that the lights were actually coming from above the chandelier and just reflecting off/through the water bottles, so creative!

These lights in the Salt & Sundry store have burlap covering them to create a warmer ambiance not to mention they add even more character to the pendants. 

Every Friday night there is a drive-in movie at Union Market. You can picnic on the lawn or park your car and tune in to 88.1 to hear the movie. They have all the vendor stands open with some outside as well. They also have DC Rollergirls serving as car hops offering popcorn and other goodies! This Friday they are showing Good Will Hunting and I am hoping to drag Joey to it! 

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