Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feedie for Foodies

Feedie for Foodies

I am definitely a foodie (someone who loves food) and cannot wait to try out this new App called "Feedie" starting in October! I recently learned about this app in the September Vogue article, "Food For Thought". The idea, created by the Lunchbox Fund ,will allow diners to feed schoolchildren in South Africa with each picture they take. Whenever a foodie takes a picture of their meal (I already do this all the time) all they need to do is tag the restaurant. "Each shared image translates to a meal for one of the four million children in South Africa without access to food."  The restaurant makes a contribution from its membership fee and for every 500 restaurants that sign on, 5,000 children will receive food at school for an entire year. 
Just like many of you I have an addiction to instagram, so how innovative is this idea that we will be able to feed kids by posting our dinners on instagram or twitter. 
See how many likes you can get! 

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