Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Client #1
Today I started work on my first client's house!! I took some measurements and photos today, and got some ideas flowing. I am helping her furnish and decorate her family room as well as her kitchen. She wanted to make do with some of the furniture but for the most part she wanted to start from scratch. She already has this great built in bookshelf as well as a great jute rug and coffee table. I told her that the first thing when looking at her family room that we need to decide on is the sofa selection. It is a lot harder to find a sofa color/fabric combination you like than it is to find curtain fabric since there are many more options for curtains!

I am working on finding books, paintings, and different knick knacks to fill her shelves which flank the fireplace and tv. So far I have found some great paintings at the Etsy store Moodscape Paintings.

Here is one of the paintings from the store.

I also found a cool print by Siiso on Etsy that I really like and a frame to put it in!
The print below is by Siiso and is available on Etsy.

The frame I found on Ebay. I have two and love them!

For my clients couches I am either going to get one Ektorp blue striped couch from Ikea with two white Ektorp Chairs and ottomans or a more formal approach with a Sette and Rockford couch from Home Decorators. 
She has a great pine coffee table that will stay and then we just need to find a console table to go where that pink hula hoop is and a painting or mirror to go above it! 
I also want to get her a sofa table that is thin and will go behind the sofa and have a large lamp on either end to give the room more height variety. A room gets too boring when all the furniture is the same height. 
Here are some ideas for the console table!

In place of this lone chair we will find a cool studded wing chair that I am still in search of and place it next to this cool table I found on Home 
For the curtains I would like to do long panel curtains with bamboo shades. I just think in a large family room like this, long panels give a lot of warmth to a room and the bamboo shades will add texture and privacy.
Here is a picture from Southern Living of the style I am going for! 

Once she decides on the sofa we will then start to look for curtain fabric!

In the kitchen I will be painting the chairs white and recovering them in one of these fabrics from Lewis and Sheron Textiles! What is your favorite?

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