Tuesday, July 2, 2013


India Hicks

One of the first design books I ever bought was by David Hicks, who was probably the most famous decorator of the 60's. David Hicks was a design genius and inspired many with bold colors and unexpected pattern combinations, his rigorous tailored looks as well as his mastery of tablescapes, which I still look to for inspiration and are still so relevant even today.  

 His daughter, India Hicks, is a former fashion model who inherited her father's good taste and has a more casual laid back design approach shown below in her home, Hibiscus Hill, in the Bahamas. She lives at Hibiscus Hill with her partner, interior designer David Flint Wood, and their four children. 

India Hicks Living Room

India Hicks Beach House Porch

Hicks Guest House

 Hicks partner, David Flint Wood and their son in his chic island office.

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