Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Eclecticism produces excitement through creative tension"- Kelly Wearstler

I was recently looking through Kelly Wearstler's book Modern Glamour and this advice stuck out to me. I have always had eclectic taste, finding things from here and there to create a fluid but warm ambiance in a room. I love how simply and precisely Kelly sums it up.

Don't Neglect Your Walls! It is amazing what a difference hanging a simple painting or photograph makes to a room. It makes for interesting layers as well as a creative and busy excitement. I try and stay within the same color scheme room to room, but I love changing up the frames and textures from piece to piece.Recently I have been working on my walls, which I admit I have neglected until now.  Here are some photos of what I have been working on this past month! 

 I love this "Blue Nude" by Picasso and No. 14 (Gray) of Pollacks together. I also love all the "Keep Calm and Carry On" photos, books, mugs, you name it! 
For those of you who do not know "Keep Calm and Carry On" was one of three posters produced by the British Government's Ministry of Information on the eve of war in 1939. Two and half million sheets of it were printed, but they would be distributed only in the imminent threat of a German invasion. Thankfully they never saw the light of day and were almost all pulped. 

So that might have been that, if one of the few remaining posters hadn't been discovered in a dusty box of old books bought at auction by British bookseller Stuart Manley. Though they didn't initially know what the poster was he and his wife liked it so much they hung it in their bookshop. They had so many inquiries from customers about it that they had copies printed.The bookshop has gone on to sell tens of thousands of the poster, not to mention mugs, t-shirts and towels.

 "It seemed that in the seventy years since its first appearance , its very British soothing strength hadn't lost any of its appeal. Since the autumn of 2008 it has quite literally become the pin-up of our current predicament, with even the BBC posing the question: Is this the greatest motivational poster ever?" (Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC)

 I moved the painting I had originally placed in the hallway to the living room, where it has much more impact and placing it below the window sill creates a height variety in the room, adding another layer.

I moved the abstract canvas painting to the opposite wall and hung my two new paintings titled "Happiness" (left) and "Undertow" (right) by Clare Elsaesser on this wall. I found them on etsy and then had them framed in these gold frames below that I found on ebay. I love how they turned out. Her artwork is so inspiring! To visit her store click here!

 Please visit my etsy store to see more geodes like the one above!!
Fairhaven Finds Etsy Store

"Quartz geodes let you bring the balancing energy and beauty of quartz crystal into your life. Quartz is said to have a strong healing energy that cleanses and brings balance. The cave-like shape and large number of crystals is believed to amplify and diffuse energy into a space, allowing it to take effect gently over time."

 My parents had this really neat painting of Jesus that hung in their bedroom when I was a kid. I liked it so much that I wanted to re-create it. So when I was in college I drew it and then made it into a painting in my print making class at Loyola. I gave the painting to my sister, but the sketch I have hung here with this wall of art.
 We do not know what we would do without this Pot Rack from Pottery Barn. It really helps save space in a small apartment.

 New jewelry dish- a shell!
 New vanity tray that I love- found at a consignment shop. It goes perfectly with the whole beach theme going on in my bedroom.

 I re-arranged the photos in my bedroom, if you remember from previous posts, I had two different frames on the left and the two horizontal on the right. I decided to buy two more of the same frames so all four matched. I love how they make the room much more symmetrical now and the frames go well with the new painting above our bed.

 I moved this photo from the dining room to the bathroom and moved the Visi lodge photo to the living room.
 Little elephant book ends I found on ebay- so cute! The second geode shown above, and a painting of my bay house done by Catherine Thames. 

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