Friday, December 28, 2012

           Christmas Time really is the most wonderful time of the year! HO HO HO!!

Washington Harbor Ice Skating Rink, new this year!  You can have a drink at the bar and then go for a skate, not very safe but fun. 
Gaver Farm where we cut down our tree this year

"Brown paper packages tied up in strings...these are a few of my favorite things". I still need to watch Sound of Music this Christmas season. 

Christmas mimosas and Christmas Story...never gets old.

Dining Room table and chairs we found on Craigslist- very interesting experience...
Photos I took of the Bay (top) and OCNJ (bottom), found the frames on ebay at Craigs Frame Shop!

 Mimosas for Christmas Morning! 
Mary and Joey at Bay in Fairhaven.
Christmas walk on beach at Fairhaven. Fur Vest from consignment shop in Annapolis called New To You. 

Newest addition to our brother Pat's puppy Gus...coolest dog.

First time Gus goes in Bay

Looking for oysters


"Please  Sir may I have some more?"

Katie and Gus..hes so fat!

Since we just got married and we had to buy all of our furniture all at once, I looked for any deal I could find. This couch, chair and ottoman were a steal from Ikea. They are just as nice looking and comfortable as the ones I have seen elsewhere for a lot more.  The large gold framed mirror above the sofa we found at a flea market.
I made these pillows with fabric from Lewis and Sheron Textiles
If you would like to order one please email me at Price- $20 each
If you would like to make one follow these simple instructions:
1. Pick out a fabric and cut it into a square or rectangle adding a one inch seam allowance on all sides.
2. With right (the side you want showing) sides together pin three sides of the pillow together. On the bottom edge mark three inches in from the left and from the right sides. 
3. Starting at one of the marks sew all around the edges leaving a half inch seam allowance leaving the space between the marks open.
4. Clip the corners and iron the seams then turn the pillow right-side out.
5. Insert pillow form and slip stitch the opening shut. You're all done!

We do not have much cabinet space in our apt so I am using this galvanized tub for our "Bar". Still in search of a bar cart. Any suggestions?

New little pillows from World Market- also found all the new knobs for my dressers there. Found this iron sleigh bed frame from crate and barrel. Stool at foot of bed I found at Home Goods. Lamps from Pottery Barn.

New Turkish towels I'm obsessed with. Found the hooks at bed bath and beyond. 

My one award in high school was for Booster Club- the above photo was the prize. "The Visitation Lodge circa 2003" Monogrammed towels by Alexandra!

Bathroom organizer from Pottery Barn- great since we have no cabinet space in our bathroom.

Soaps out make the bathroom smell good even when it shouldn't!

Found this wall cabinet at Target six years ago and it is still going strong.

Old Sailing trophy of Pop's that I use for qtips now. He probably would not approve! Glasses I found at crate and barrel and Michaels Craft Store.

Vanity tray of my Grandmothers, old photo of Pop and Lois sailing 1947 and one of Mom and Dad in their prize sweatshirts after winning Fairhaven Volleyball tournament 1989. Genie bottle I found at thrift store, it serves no purpose but something pretty to look at.

Chair I painted and reupholstered in fabric from Calico Corners and shades I got at Bed Bath & beyond. The fig tree is on its last leg, any suggestions for a new tree??

Another table we found on craigslist!
I love these shutters that my Mom found at a flea market.  We found this wrought iron console table in Annapolis at Parkemoor Home.
Parkemoor Store Annapolis
I definitely jumped on the sunburst mirror bandwagon and found this one above on ebay! 
Here is one similar to it- 
Sunburst Mirror
I was looking for an abstract blue painting and could not find one that I loved so I decided to paint this one myself. I found the plein air frame on ebay. 

Bedroom once the old icky blinds were out and the new shades much easier to sleep in now:)
Really cool french dresser we found on Craigslist.

I love all the stripes with neutral colors.

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